Over 100 NaMo Team parties

Lok Sabha Campaign, 2014

World Book Fair Protest

Peaceful protest at World Book Fair against criminal targeting of particular religious group

Fighting religious persecution

Pakistani refugees relief

Distributed relief material at Majnoo ka Tila camp

Helping the needy


Part of organising committee of 1st World Hindu Congress

Global Social Event

With Zomato Feeding India provided food rations to over 10,000 families during Corona lockdown

Providing relief to labourers

Managed the New Delhi 2019

Team victory

Sometimes a picture brings back a flood of memories. Of things done, allies made, enemies faced. The emotions I went though when it happened. Here are some of these images. They are not indicative of anything, but a random snapshot. I will keep rotating these from time to time.

Indian Startups with Chinese funding need to address Indian people’s concerns.

I made this video much before some Chinese apps were banned in India

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